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Strength Program

What is included?
  • Your Personalized 10 week Strength Plan

  • Over 40 Accessory Movements

  • 50+ Powerlifting & Strength Days

  • 24/7 email access

  • Online Video Coaching

  • Monthly Feedback

  • 96 Hours of Training

  • Editable Progress Tracker

  • Optimized Lifting Mechanics

  • Constant Strength Gains

  • Increased Muscle Definition

  • Improved Power & Speed

  • Improved Aerobic Capacity

  • Increased Endurance under heavy loads

Why you should do it

10 Weeks

48 Workouts

Unrivalled Results

I know exactly how you feel. Increasing strength is hard and could take a long time. It is complicated. There are so many myths and theories on how to get strong. It is hard to know which program is right for you.

Thankfully our tried and tested Strength Program is for everyone, really and truly. We call it 'Aggressor Strength'. If you want to improve your raw Strength (the maximum weight you can lift), your Muscular Endurance (how many reps you can perform with weight), your Power (the force with which you move those weights) and your Speed (how quickly you can move weight) then 'Aggressor Strength' is for you.

This program was created by Dan at Barbell Inspired after years of testing, tweaking and fine tuning. It has evolved a lot, especially in the beginning and even recently has been precisely developed to be what I believe is the most inclusive and efficient strength program available today.

At Barbell Inspired I am offering you the opportunity to have 'Aggressor Strength' built to your exact needs, taking into account your strength goals and your specific schedule. I will build the Aggressor Strength Program to work around your existing commitments. If you'd like to figure out your schedule for yourself then I will hand the plan over to you and let you have the freedom to decide.

How it works

"Aggressor Strength" is a ten week program, consisting of 5 strength training days per week. You'll be given full access to the complete program, over 40 assistance movements, and also additional core workouts to compliment your strength work if desired. 


In your first week of your training (if you already know your maximum strength, if not you will complete an initial baseline test week) you will perform a specific focus (Speed, Power or Strength) per day for a set movement, with a prescribed number of sets and repetitions, therefore hitting multiple focuses and movements every week. In the following week you will challenge those same focuses, but you will rotate the movements so you are challenging each one of them with a different focus and varied number of sets and/or repetitions. In the third week you will rotate the movements one final time to complete the cycle of sets and repetitions per movement, whilst still attacking these three focused areas. This constant variation of work (sets and reps) and yet consistent assault on various energy systems will lead you to see unprecedented increases in your personal athletic performance. 

What it is










Essentially, 'Aggressor Strength' is an amalgam of Non Linear Periodization and Daily Undulating Periodization programs. It is the perfect blend for any athlete looking to increase multiple facets of their performance. It allows any individual to maximize their potential in 7 focused areas; strength, power, speed, hypertrophy, anaerobic threshold, aerobic ability and muscular endurance. It also simultaneously improves every one of these focuses and energy systems consistently, week after week.

A Linear program may allow you to focus on hypertrophy and muscular endurance (3 x 10) for 4 weeks (a typical mesocycle) before then focusing on strength (5 x 5) for 4 weeks and so on, but this comes at the risk of losing top end strength, power and almost certainly speed. Equally, focusing on power and speed alone may soon lead to a plateau without the presence of hypertrophy and strength.

A Non Linear program allows the opportunity to offset those plateau's by providing variation in the number of sets and repetitions you perform in that weeks training sessions, therefore enabling you to challenge yourself in different systems. Each week you will complete work on hypertrophy (5 x 8), strength (5 x 3) and power (5 x 2). Focusing on one system each day can be beneficial, but typically these programs repeat sets and reps used for all subsequent weeks.

An Undulating program is unlike the previous two as it challenges more than one energy system per day. This will allow the entire training week to be focused on improvements in various energy systems on various movements. This means you can work on and see improvements in your muscular endurance, strength, speed and power each and every week, for several weeks. For example in one daily session you'd work on Squat Hypertrophy, Deadlift Strength and Bench Speed. The negative to this program is that it can be high on volume if you're looking to incorporate skill work and conditioning also, especially for beginners. Also it typically (not always) uses the same sets and reps for all subsequent weeks, so whilst you're challenging various rep ranges within the week, the following weeks can mirror those sets and reps numbers.

'Aggressor Strength' takes all of the benefits from undulating periodization and all the benefits from non-linear periodization and blends them into the ultimate program for raw strength, power, speed, muscle size and muscular endurance. This table below highlights every benefit you will receive in 'Aggressor' that no other program offers.

Typical Strength Program Properties

Key Benefits
  • Increase Strength

  • Increase Muscle Mass

  • Increase Power

  • Increase Speed

  • Increase Muscular Endurance

  • Optimize Mechanics​

  • Increase Stability

  • Increase Symmetry 

  • Flexible Training Days

  • Intergrates with Olympic Lifting & Conditioning

  • Affordable

How to get started

Anyone can join 'Aggressor Strength'. The full 10 week program contains over 96 hours of training and can be purchased for only $189.00. That's less than $2 per hour of training!


The plan will be built specifically for you and emailed to you shortly after purchasing. You will also receive an initial consultation within 5 days (optional), monthly follow ups (optional) and measurable progress tracking.


If you have any questions contact us or email us at info@barbellinspired.com

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