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Since inception, Barbell Inspired
has been totally focused on providing mechanically correct strength and conditioning based fitness solutions.

A decade ago Barbell Inspired's founder, Dan Roberts, was managing two finance retail locations in the United Kingdom, overseeing their daily accounts management, mortgage advisors and independant financial advisors. A stable but highly unfulfilling job, which led Dan to find restoration in the gym. As time passed exercise became more than just a routine for him; it became a hobby, his passion. Following some travel in South East Asia, Dan realized that a life not fully lived, is not a life at all. Upon returning to London he immediately resigned from his financial career and began pursuit of his passion; fitness. Countless qualifications, certifications and thousands of coaching hours followed.

Discovering the barbell literally changed Dan's life, and he has since learned that he is not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have expressed the same feeling. The introduction of an active lifestyle, particularly functional movement, has provided individuals the challenge and opportunity to display strength, power and performance that they never thought possible. These lessons in the gym can parallel our personal lives ; making us stronger physically but also mentally. Dan admits that strength & conditioning training changed his life and helped him through some of life's toughest adversities.

This shared realization gave Dan the idea to create 'Barbell Inspired'. The realization that physical exertion and strength training has empowered so many to feel truly inspired to change their lives for the better. Feeling able, powerful and positive in the face of overwhelming adversity.

'Barbell Inspired' stands for every obstacle you thought you'd never surpass. Every challenge you didn't think you'd solve. Every difficult situation you didn't think you could win. But you did, and now you're here.

Barbell Inspired provides strength, conditioning, mobility and nutrition (for all age groups) to develop you in every and any aspect of your physical ability and mental toughness. Our programming is designed in a way that will grow your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and empower you mentally to overcome any challenge.

Our conditioning is classic, simple, yet effective. Our Strength program is something we are equally proud of, and you'll see why when you explore its success. We also offer you thorough and detailed nutrition advice, based upon scientific principles. Real healthy foods, eliminating inflammation, irritations and unnecessary supplementation as required.

Thank you for taking the time to join me. I look forward to working with you.

Live Barbell Inspired.



Dan James Roberts
Founder & Owner
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  • Advanced Master Personal Trainer

  • USPA Certified Coach

  • Medical Referral Qualified

  • Specialist Population Qualified

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certified

  • CrossFit Kids Certified

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • CrossFit Powerlifting

  • CrossFit Weightlifting

  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Over 9,400+ hours coaching experience 

  • 800+ hours of programming experience

Dan Roberts is the founder and owner of Barbell Inspired. In addition to the online coaching and programming provided through Barbell Inspired, he also personally coaches and trains select individuals in San Diego, California. Nothing makes him happier than to see people exceed their goals. He has worked as a Master Personal Trainer throughout Europe, Dubai and in the United States. He also holds a GM position within one of the largest health club operators in the US, generating over a million dollars in operating profits annually.

He personally writes every program purchased through Barbell Inspired, and developed the highly effective 'Aggressor Program' after years of testing. He continues to educate and train other Personal Trainers on their programming, coaching and business acumen.

He occasionally provides business coaching to smaller independent gyms , helping them implement standard operating procedures, measurable KPI's and growth targets, in addition to marketing expertise to assist them in meeting these growth targets.